• Short Films

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  • General Rules and Terms


    Films of less than 15 minutes including credits are preferred. Films submitted will be notified of their selection status on or about December 15, 2015. If accepted, an additional final cut digital copy of the submitted work must be provided to Off Season Shorts by December 22nd 2015.


    By submitting their entry, the entrant guarantees that they have obtained all necessary rights and clearances, and that they have legal right to publicly screen and enter their entry into OSSFF.


    OSSFF is not responsible for damage or loss of submission or exhibition materials en route to OSSFF. Please package materials appropriately.


    All entries will be insured against damage or loss while participating in the OSSFF, although OSSFF will not assume responsibility for damage to originals, special prints or masters.


    Our objective is to show your work in the way you intend it to be shown. Please let us know exactly what you have in mind and we will be happy to work with you in an effort to achieve your presentation goals.

  • Submission

    Description of the submission process and explanation of what to expect at Film Freeway

Awards & Prizes


$250 for Mud Season Melodramas

$500 for General Submissions


  • Frostbite Follies

    Have you always thought you were destined for the silver screen? Now is your chance for stardom! Remake a scene from your favorite film. The scene should be no longer than 3 minutes and must include a 30 second introduction about yourself and the scene you have selected. This can be filmed on a cell phone, ipad or any digital format you are able to use. Post it to Youtube or Vimeo and submit the link through Filmfreeway. This category is meant to be a fun way to include locals, students and anyone else who feels a passion for classic movies.

  • Ghostbusters

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    Link to Script

    Link to FilmFreeway

  • True Grit

    Description of the submission process and explanation of what to expect at Film Freeway

  • Star Wars


Gives Parameters of what we want and what to provide




Any genre


Link to submission site


Film Freeway


Scenes from films that have been submitted - rolling slideshow of films that have been submitted